Production Team

A huge shout out to everyone helping on this production. It truly takes a team to get a film done and everyone tends to wear a ton of hats on a small production like this, from running traffic to set design, to taco delivery/caterer to “who has the dry erase marker for the slate?” wrangler. It’s an amazing thing to create a collaborative family on set, and we want to say thank you to the entire El Rosario support family.

Ruben Ramirez – Writer, Director, Producer

Erica Ramirez – Writer, Producer

Rain Chavez – Cinematographer, Producer

Cindy Chavez – Producer

Robert Montoya – Associate Producer

Dante Ramirez – Sound

Joseph Johnson – Sound

Michael Herrera – Slate

George Castillo – Production Assistant

Mark McKnight – Production Assistant

Ashley Ramirez – Production Assistant

Nova Herrera – Production and Location Support

Irma Ramirez – Production and Location Support